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NotableWiki's mission is 'to benefit readers by acting as a free and widely-accessible knowledgebase of notable people and organizations, and to benefit people and organizations by concisely summarizing their pertinent details in a single resource.'

Notable Individuals and Organizations

Notable Wiki is an online free-content research project to document remarkable people and organizations globally. It's powered by Wikimedia Foundation software (the best-known application being Wikipedia) and a model of freely-editable and professionally-curated content.

Like Wikipedia, the goal of a NotableWiki article is to present a fair and neutrally-written summary of people and organizations. Articles have an encyclopedic style with a formal tone instead of essay-like, argumentative, promotional or opinionated writing.

Notability standard

Unlike Wikipedia, NotableWiki has a different definition of notability for people and organizations. NotableWiki employs a "regionally-known" rather than a "nationally-known" test of notability, which makes it a more accessible and useful resource, while also reducing the editorial burden on Wikipedia.

Article protection

NotableWiki enforces strict policies to protect articles against inappropriate edits and defacement. Once created, all articles are locked by default and require approval by the article subjects for any subsequent edits.

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Other Wiki Projects

NotableWiki is powered by and independent from Wikimedia Foundation software. Other recommended projects include: